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In Minnesota, we have very easy access to wildlife. Travel ten miles in any direction, and you’ll be met with an open field or forest. Within these various landscapes lies a variety of curious birds, bugs, and mammals. Sometimes, their curiosity can get the best of them, which is exactly what happened to me.

My weekend was going great. I spent my Saturday night catching up with my best friend at his family’s cabin in Cushing, Minnesota. My friend’s sister had become engaged, and she explained how her fiance had popped the question as they walked along their hunting trails. Hunting was big within their family, and she was extremely excited to start the turkey season. She explained how populated turkeys have become and that her best friend had hit one just weeks ago.

It’s funny how coincidental life can be.

The next morning, I packed up my bag and said my goodbyes. I’ve found that it’s best to leave early to avoid the traffic heading south; however, that period tends to be a prime time for poultry. As I drove towards Little Falls, I noticed a large turkey on the left-hand side. As a truck passed me on the right, the turkey – startled – took flight across the lane and straight into my windshield.

windshield damage

The whole event was pretty incredible. I did not expect the turkey to make such an impact, but it had in fact shattered the entire passenger side of the windshield. I pulled off to the side of the road, shouted a few words I’m not proud of and took several photos. Since I was able to see through the driver side of the windshield, I hit the road once more. My friends contacted me to ensure I was okay and reminded me to contact my insurance company.

The bad news continued as my insurance company informed me that I was not covered for unforeseeable wildlife damage. Finally, they said they’d have a company contact me the following day to get me into their shop. In fact, the only positive thing to come out of that day was the delicious turkey sub I picked up on my way home. #Revenge.

The company my insurance provider contacted never actually called me. I waited until later in the afternoon before I contacted them myself. They explained they could only get me in on Friday. That would mean I’d have to drive around for five days with a busted windshield. So, I instead called GlassWerks.

Now, I had heard great things about GlassWerks, and their reviews prove that. I encourage you to check out both their Facebook page and Google+, and I will explain why. First off, their customer service is phenomenal. They fit me into the shop bright and early on Tuesday morning. They set me up in a comfy room, provided me with WiFi, and kept me updated on their work.

selfie of man with repaired windshield

The greatest thing was that the process only took two hours! I was out of their office and back in mine by 10:30 AM. The windshield was so clear that I thought it wasn’t even there, and they even went the extra mile to vacuum all of the glass that was inside my car. It’s obvious that their staff cared and took the extra time to create a positive experience out of one that certainly wasn’t.

repaired windshield

In the event you have a crack in your windshield, regardless of the size, I encourage you to contact GlassWerks. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and they’ll get the job done at an affordable cost. Nature is unpredictable, but I can predict where I’ll go if another turkey crosses my path.


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