Glass. It chips, it cracks, and the frames around your windows can warp and deteriorate over time. Sometimes, home glass repair or replacement is inevitable.

But, sometimes, your spouse isn’t on board with you.

“It looks fine.” “Let’s just wait.” “It’s not that bad.”

If these sound familiar, let’s go over a few arguments you can use to help get your glass back up to snuff, without alienating your partner.

5 Arguments To Convince Your Spouse Not To Put Off Home Glass Repair

1. Energy Savings

If you’ve noticed damage to the window casement, frame, pane, sill, or other part, you may be looking at a severe loss of energy – either heating or cooling – which you are paying for. Money, in the form of energy, may literally be going out the window!

Energy savings is usually the most exciting benefit of home glass repair to homeowners, so definitely lead with this!

2. Convenience

At GlassWerks, we come to you. No matter where your home is, a service technician from one of our 3 central Minnesota locations will come to your home to make the repairs, so you don’t have to travel or move anything.

3. Protection

Damaged windows probably aren’t performing as well as they should be.

A huge benefit of home glass repair is better-quality protection, through either repair of small cracks or replacement. The integrity and strength of the window are restored, providing better protection against wind, rain, snow, heat, cold and varmints.

4. Comfort

Getting new or repaired windows can significantly improve the feel of your house. Was it drafty in the room before? Not after we get through with your windows! Trust us to help you feel more comfortable in your home, both externally and in peace-of-mind.

5. Aesthetics

Of course, the old tried and true argument for home glass repair is because of how it looks. You will be amazed how window repair or replacement can bring out the best in your home. We work with you to make sure you love the way your windows look after repair or replacement.

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