There are somethings we are never fully prepared for: parenthood, buying a house, auto glass damage . . .

There’s never a good time to see a rock flying toward your windshield. And when the rock leaves a chip or crack, you probably start thinking about the cost of the repair or replacement. Maybe your thoughts drift toward a product you saw in an infomercial, or a DIY video on auto glass repair you saw online. Be cautious, as DIY can often lead to mistakes, which cost you more in the end when a shop needs to fix what has now become a big problem.

3 Common Do-It-Yourself Auto Glass Repair Mistakes

1. Not Checking Insurance/Warranty

The first mistake many make is not checking your insurance policy and any warranty on your vehicle.

Many times, the warranty on your windshield will be voided if the repair work is not done by a professional shop. If you receive additional damage or the repair doesn’t go how you expected, the warranty will be of no use to you and you will pay out of pocket for any repair or replacement.

“But I have insurance! I won’t have to pay out of pocket,” you say. That’s great, but your insurance may also not cover damage which has been created or worsened by any DIY mistakes. So be sure to double check before moving forward with any DIY repairs.

2. Using Improper Tools

It’s highly unlikely you have the proper tools to execute auto glass repair or replacement in your garage. Some auto parts stores will carry basic suction cup tools and resins which are for use in windshield replacement and repair, but these items are typically not professional grade. Without proper training and day-in day-out use, these tools will be difficult to master and could lead to additional damage to your windshield.

3. Using A DIY Kit

DIY kits can come from infomercials or auto parts stores. These products claim “fast and easy repairs.” But nothing is ever as easy as a box tells us it is.

The products contained in DIY kits are typically inferior, and the instructions are usually lacking – and occasionally written by a non-native English speaker. These kits can often result in more damage to your windshield. What might have been an inexpensive repair by a professional may become a costly windshield replacement, especially if you violate your warranty or insurance policy.

Experts in Our Field

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